Fort Utah Park pavilion #1  Fort Utah Park Fort Utah Park was named after a Fort Utah replica built on the park grounds in 1972. The original fort didn't stand at this location, but was originally several blocks east of the park. The original fort was used by  the Mormon Pioneers when they first settled  Provo. The replica was demolished in January of 2017. You can read more about the replica Fort Utah demolition by clicking here
This park also has four league baseball  fields, a playground and challenging skate park.  The Provo River Parkway Trail is also easily  accessed from Fort Utah Park and the Geneva  Rd Trailhead which is conveniently located across  the street.

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Fort Utah Park pavilion #2 Park Amenities and Pavilion Amenities
100 off-street parking spots
1 volleyball court
2 horseshoe pits
Skate park
Drinking fountain at restrooms
15 acres

   Reservation time periods: 8:30AM-2:30PM or 3:30-9:30PM
   A SEVEN day notice is needed for all pavilion reservations
   To make a reservation for the pavilion please visit

Pavilion   Reservation Fee  # of Tables  Pavilion Capacity  BBQ Stands  Power Outlets*  Drinking Water 
 1  $35  10 100   -  -  Fountain
 2  $25  4 40   -  -  Restroom

To make a reservation for the ball-field please contact Penn Almoney at 801-852-6628 or email.

Fort Utah Park skate park Skate ParkThis 6,000 square-feet outdoor skatepark features a concrete riding surface and is the perfect venue for beginning to intermediate skateboarders who want to practice manual pads and ledges for grinding. Small transitions are strategically placed throughout the park for practicing nose stalls. This is a fun place to practice your skate moves and enjoy a wonderful workout at the same time. If you aren't playing ball at the ballpark, slip on over and practice some of your grind moves!


For comments and questions concerning this park please call (801)852-6000

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