Provo Police

Chief Ferguson

Welcome!  At the Provo Police Department, our 102 sworn police officers and approximately 60 civilian staff members operate under the guiding principles of our organization’s values which spell out the acronym PRIDE. 

P  - Pride:  In the work, we do on every contact with the public.

R - Respect: Both internally to one another and to the people we serve.

I - Integrity: In every aspect of our professional activities.

D - Dedication: To working hard for our City.

E - Excellence: Striving to be the best we can be. 

Police Policies

Use of Portable Audio Video Recorders Policy

The Provo City Police Department may provide officers or other department employees with access to portable recorders, either audio or video or both, for use during the performance of their duties. The use of recorders is intended to enhance the mission of the Department by accurately capturing contacts between officers of the Department and the public. Learn more >>

Off Duty Police Action Policy

The general posture of the Provo Police Department will be that an off-duty officer should intervene in situations where failure to do so, in the officer's opinion, will likely result in death, injury or substantial property damage. Learn more >>



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