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Rental Information

The main performance hall of the Covey Center is primarily a rental facility. For date requests, contact Katie Rossiter at (801) 852-7012 or email at All rental space is subject to availability. Venues available for rent include: the Main Performance Hall, 670 seat capacity; the Studios, 120 seat capacity.



April 1, 10, 11
June 13, 20, 21, 22, 26-30

(non-commercial applies to nonprofit events with a 501(c)3 status, non-ticketed events, school events, scholarship pageants and charitable fund-raising events. Charitable fund-raising events must register with the Division of Consumer Protection)

Half-day rental: Noon – 11:00PM:

$1,250 commercial/$1,000 non-commercial

Full-day rental: 7:00AM – 11:00PM:
$1,700 commercial/$1,250 non-commercial

Full week rental: (up to 6 consecutive working days)
$10,000 commercial/$6,300 non-commercial

Deposit: 50% of total estimated costs, due at contract signing. Deposit will be applied toward rental costs.

Insurance: A $1,000,000 certificate of insurance is required. Proof of insurance is required for all main hall rentals. If your organization does not have insurance, a TULIP policy is available for purchase.

Staffing: $16 per hour, per stage technician, house manager, and building security.
Three stage technicians are required for all rehearsals and performances.
Building security is required for all rehearsals and performances.
A house manager is required for all performances.
Ushers are to be provided by the renter.

Custodial: $75 per scheduled day in the building.

Stage set up and supplies: Renters scheduled up to four days will be charged $75. Renters scheduled for a full week rental will be charged $125. Stage set up includes but is not limited to, the normal use of gaff tape, spike tape, lighting gel, and microphone batteries. Above average use of supplies will be charged based on use.

Additional technical services:
Marley dance floor (includes gaff tape): $150
Snow machine (includes snow): $200
Orchestra pit use (includes removal and replacement): $700
Piano tuning: $150
Hazer: $50 per day (fire watch is required at $15 per hour)
White drape: $100
Black lights: $30 each

Front window banner: $200

Performance reception: $150 per lobby or gallery

Ticket sales: 8% commission on gross sales plus $ .65 per ticket for all complimentary tickets (all tickets must be sold through the Covey Center box office)
A $3 convenience fee will be charge to patrons for phone and internet sales

Merchandise: 15% commission on all monies collected on Covey Center property (no food or drink concessions may by sold by the renter)

A signed agreement and paid deposit are needed to confirm any rental date.
20151006_131613Studios   For date availabilties contact Katie Rossiter at

: $40 per hour/per studio
Available for business seminars, master classes, luncheons, small recitals and performances.

Insurance: Proof of insurance is required for all rentals. If your organization does not have insurance, a TULIP policy is available for purchase.