Polling Locations

To find your polling location please go to, type your address in the upper left hand corner, and click on the “My Polling Place” link.  Provo City will use the same polling locations that Utah County used in 2014:

Precinct Polling Location Precinct Polling Location
PR01 Utah County Health & Justice Bldg PR26 Centennial Middle School
PR02 Spring Creek Elementary PR27 Freedom Academy
PR03 Spring Creek Elementary PR28 Larry H. Miller Dodge
PR04 UC Historic Courthouse (Rotunda) PR29 Larry H. Miller Dodge
PR05 Provost Elementary PR30 Centennial Middle School
PR06 UC Historic Courthouse (Rotunda) PR31 Freedom Academy
PR07 Provo City Library – RM 201 PR32 Larry H. Miller Dodge
PR08 BYU Conference Center PR33 BYU Conference Center
PR09 Provo Peaks Elementary PR34 Provo Recreation Center
PR10 Provo City Library – RM 201 PR35 Amelia Earhart Elementary
PR11 Wasatch Elementary PR36 Wasatch Elementary
PR12 Provo Peaks Elementary (Farrer) PR37 Centennial Middle School
PR13 Westridge Elementary PR38 BYU Conference Center
PR14 Provo City Center PR39 Timpview High School
PR15 Canyon Crest Elementary PR40 Timpview High School
PR16 Edgemont Elementary PR41 Edgemont Elementary
PR17 Provo City Center PR42 Canyon Crest Elementary
PR18 Amelia Earhart Elementary PR43 Provo City Center
PR19 Lakeview Elementary PR44 Provo City Center
PR20 Lakeview Elementary PR45 Provost Elementary
PR21 Independence High School

PR22 Dixon Middle School

PR23 Independence High School

PR24 Lakeview Elementary

PR25 Westridge Elementary