• Spot ON! targets-at-gun-range Need to get your gun sighted in for the hunt? Provo Shooting Sports Park has new Winter hours.

  • Shoot With Friends men-at-firing-range Group reservations are welcome at the Provo Shooting Sports Park. Plan ahead and submit your reservation form for a fun time.

  • Shotgun Sports girl-aiming-gun Shotgun sports are managed and operated through the Provo Gun Club. More >>

  • Learn and Practice gun-while-shooting You are never too old or too young to learn how to safely operate a handgun. The Provo Shooting Sports Park invites shooters of all ages and experience levels.


The Provo Shooting Sports Park is a firearms education and training facility where local residents, community groups and law enforcement officers can train and enjoy the shooting sports in a safe and controlled environment.

Open Shooting Hours* 
*weather permitting - check the Rain-Out Hotline at (801) 852-6629

Please take note - times change seasonally with the onset of dusk.

*Two hour limit shooting period when facility is busy. Saturdays are
always a two hour limit. 


 Wednesday 2:00 PM - Dusk
 Friday 2:00 PM - Dusk 
 Saturday (2 hour time limit) 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM



 Wednesday 4:00 PM - Dusk
 Thursday (only Sept-Oct)
4:00 PM - Dusk
 Friday 4:00 PM - Dusk 
 Saturday (2 hour time limit) 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Boy scoping rifle FEE SCHEDULE

Public Hours
Provo Resident - $3 per visit
Non-Resident - $5 per visit

Save money by purchasing a
Shooting Sports Park 5-Punch Passes

Visits   Resident  Non-Resident
  5   $13 $22 
Click here for Punch Card Terms & Conditions

Group Shooting Reservation Rates 

Upper or Lower Ranges: $25/2 hr + $3 per shooter

Upper or Lower Ranges: $35/2 hr + $5 per shooter 

Facility Rentals for Filming or Other Commercial Events

Contact the Shooting Sports Park for additional details. Some events, including filming, may require an Events and Services Application to be completed through 311-Customer Service

At this time the Shooting Sports Park accepts check or cash only

Punch passes can be purchased at the following locations:

  • Provo Shooting Sports Park |1450 E Rifle Range Rd | Open shooting hours only
  • Provo Parks & Grounds Operations Office | 1417 S 350 E | Mon - Thur (7:00AM - 6:00PM)


New shooters are always welcome!Targets at gun range

The Park is located two miles up Provo Canyon, then 3/4 miles up Squaw Peak Rd.
Address | 1450 E Rifle Range Rd., Provo, UT 84604

Overhead map »




Consider the following when you come

  • Paper Targets - Bring paper targets or purchase them on site.
  • Hearing Protection - Foam ear plugs work well; can be
    purchased on site.
  • Eye Protection is Required - Bring your own glasses or you can purchase them on site.
  • Firearm - Bring your firearm to the range, unloaded, in a
    case, with the action open. Guns are not rented, ammunition is not sold.

Bring plenty of ammunition - You're going to have so much fun that you might run out of ammunition before you'll want to leave.

Items for Purchase at the Shooting Range:

Paper targets:     $0.25
Foam ear plugs:  $0.25
Eye protection:    $8.00

Fired cartridge casings may be retrieved by the shooter. Casings left or discarded on the range become the property of Provo City and will be disposed of accordingly. 

Men at rifle range RANGE RESERVATIONS

Private groups may make a request to reserve exclusive time at either
the rifle or handgun range during non-open shoot hours.

Steps to Make a Reservation

  1. Download and complete a Range Reservation Request form
  2. Submit the completed application to:
  3. A Range Safety Officer (RSO) will contact you to confirm the
  4. Payment is made at the time of approval. This can be done over the phone with the RSO or the Parks & Grounds Office Staff.
  5. A liability insurance certificate must be submitted to the RSO at least one week prior to the reservation.  
    1. The policy needs to be at least $1 million occurrence/$2 million aggregate. Provo City must be listed as an additional insured on the certificate.

If you need additional information, email the Range Safety Officer Supervisor, or call (801) 852-6646 or (801) 852-6606.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Range Safety Officer (RSO) at the Shooting Sports Park, please fill out the RSO Volunteer Application and email it, or call Wayne Tanaka, Range Safety Officer Supervisor, at (801) 852-6646 for more

Rim-fire, center-fire or muzzle loading rifles are authorized on the rifle range.

Rim-fire, center-fire and muzzle loading handguns are authorized on the handgun range.

Age restrictions: Any individual under the age of 18 must be supervised by an adult.

For Firearm Handling Rules and General Range Safety Rules click here.

To review our Standard Operating Procedures, click here.
Girl aiming shotgun SHOTGUN SPORTS

All shotgun shooting at the park must be coordinated through the Provo Gun Club. Please note: there are no "throw your own" facilities at the site. The club operates four trap, one 5-stand and two skeet shotgun fields and are open to the public on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

New shooters are always welcome and instruction is available for the beginning shooter to the high competition level.

For information regarding instruction, competition and group events, call (801) 437-0595 or check their website at MyProvoGunClub.com. Range Safety Officers are available during open hours  to assist shooters.

group-at-firing-rangeSTAY UP-TO-DATELike us on our Facebook Page by clicking here.                                                                                               If you're interested in becoming a volunteer at the Shooting Sports Park, click here, to email our Range Safety Officer.


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