Facade Grant

Downtown Facade Grant The primary purpose of the Facade Grant Program is to assist downtown Provo businesses in improving the appearance of their buildings which are at least 30 years old and to help revitalize Downtown Provo.

Grant Amount
Up to $20,000

Matching Funds 
Building or business owner must match every $3 of grant funds with $1 of other funds spent on eligible improvements.

Eligible Activities
  • Masonry repair and repointing mortar joints
  • Cleaning, paint removal and water-repellant treatments to exterior finishes
  • Installation, painting repair or replacement of exterior finishes
  • Repair, replacement or preservation of original, historically significant architectural details
  • Installation, repair or replacement of eaves, conduit, gutters, downspouts, display windows, doors, awnings, canopies, lighting, decorative details, cornices/parapet walls
  • Architect/design costs, signs, ADA accessibility and Building permit fees.
Activities Projects must be in the Downtown area (see application packet or call for details). Project must also create significant exterior improvements, create jobs or meet other standards, and is subject to the approval process and terms.

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