• Fire Restrictions

    Open Fire & Firework Restrictions

    Effective immediately Provo Fire & Rescue has issued an open fire restriction for the foothills on the east bench and all areas of the Provo City watershed including South Fork. Fires are restricted to established fire pits in improved parks and camp grounds. Open fires, except in designated fire pits in improved parks and campgrounds, are prohibited in Rock Canyon, Slate Canyon, all foothills along the eastern border of the city, and in the Provo City watershed in South Fork. Open discharge dates are from July 1 through July 7 and July 21 through July 27.

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    Fiberhood Sign ups

    Don't be like Gerald Nutley and miss your Google Fiber deadline! Three of the seven fiber hoods have already closed! There are a lot of people waiting for Google Fiber, and in order to get everyone connected, Google Fiber is staggering their installations across 7 different areas in Provo, called “fiberhoods.” Each fiberhood has a deadline by which they need to sign up for Fiber. If you want Fiber in your home, you need to sign up before your fiberhood’s deadline.

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  • Rock Canyon


    Provo is consistently recognized nationally for its outstanding quality of life, well-being, and as a beautiful place to live with unbelievable recreational opportunities. Today gives us one more reason to brag! Provo City has purchased Rock Canyon with the intent to preserve and protect its natural beauty in perpetuity! It’s not everyday you get a chance to actually purchase a canyon. This is a monumental accomplishment that brings an added value to our residents and another amenity enhancing the already incredible quality of life we enjoy in Provo.

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  • State of City

    State of the City Video

    Instead of grabbing the microphone, Mayor Curtis decided to grab the camera and hit the streets of Provo. Featured in this video is Provo’s organic music scene, array of amazing events, resurgence of our downtown, the unique dining experience, amazing recreational activities, and future projects and plans for the city. Watch this quick recap of 2013 from some of Provo's best.

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