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    On Tuesday, April 29 at 3:00 pm in the Zions Bank Building, Provo City will be making a significant announcement. Some might even say that it’s EPIC! Many will start the conversation and begin asking what the announcement could be. Mayor Curtis has shared a teaser video on his blog to help get the fun educated guesses going. We will be sharing clues throughout the week. To unlock the next clue, let's see if we can share the teaser video on Facebook 200 times! Watch the video, start guessing and let the sharing begin!

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  • State of City

    State of the City Video

    Instead of grabbing the microphone, Mayor Curtis decided to grab the camera and hit the streets of Provo. Featured in this video is Provo’s organic music scene, array of amazing events, resurgence of our downtown, the unique dining experience, amazing recreational activities, and future projects and plans for the city. Watch this quick recap of 2013 from some of Provo's best.

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  • MAP-(Web-1200x581)

    Justice Court Relocation

    The Justice Court has been relocated to its new location at 75 East 1700 South. The new location provides adequate parking and directional signs going both directions on University Avenue and on East Bay Blvd. The hours of operation are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday. If you have questions regarding the court or its new location, please call 801-852-6878. Both parking and traffic tickets can be paid online at: http://j.mp/PayCourtFees

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  • Customer Service Rep on phone

    Introducing Provo311

    Provo CIty introduces its 311 department. We are in our second year of operation, and expanding our portfolio of functions every day. We offer services ranging from utility billing to dog licenses. We are happy to help you with all of your non-emergency needs. Watch our video and learn more about PROVO311 and all the different things we can help you with. 311: the only number you need to know to get to know Provo.

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  • Fiberhoods

    Fiberhood Sign ups

    Google Fiber is being installed to Provo Residents who live along the former iProvo network. If you’re in one of the first fiberhoods, make sure you put your area’s signup deadline in your calendar. If you’re in the Grandview, North Provo, Southeast Provo or the Foothills fiberhoods, Google Fiber is planning to bring Fiber to your area later this spring and summer. Make sure you sign up for Fiber before your area’s deadline because Google Fiber doesn’t have current plans to re-open fiberhood sign ups.

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