What is Door-to-Door Solicitation?

It means the practice of engaging in or attempting to engage in conversation with any person at a residence, whether or not that person is a competent individual, while making or seeking to make or facilitate a home solicitation sale, or attempting to further the sale of goods and or services.

Chapter 6.09.030(15)

Soliciting or Solicit or Solicitation?

means any of the following activities
  • seeking to obtain sales or orders for the exchange of goods, wares, merchandise, or perishables of any kind, for any kind of remuneration or consideration, regardless of whether advance payment is sought;
  • seeking to obtain prospective customers to apply for or to purchase insurance, subscriptions to publications, or publications;
  • seeking to obtain contributions of money or any other thing of value for the benefit of any person or entity;
  • seeking to obtain orders or prospective customers for goods or services;
  • seeking to engage an individual in conversation at a residence for the purpose of promoting or facilitating the receipt of information regarding religious belief, political position, charitable conduct, or a home solicitation sale; 
  • other activities falling within the commonly accepted definition of soliciting, such as hawking or peddling.
Chapter 6.09.030(31)

Define Services.

Means those intangible goods or personal benefits offered, provided, or sold to a competent individual of a residence. Chapter 6.09.030(30)

Define Sale of Goods or Services?

Means the conduct and agreement of a solicitor and a competent individual in a residence regarding a particular good(s) or service(s) that entitles the consumer to rescind the same within three (3) days under any applicable federal, state, or local law. Chapter 6.09.030(29)

What are Home Solicitation Sales?

It means to make or attempt to make a sale of goods or services by a solicitor at a residence by means of door-to-door solicitation, regardless of the:

  • means of payment or consideration used for the purchase;
  • time of delivery of the goods or services; or
  • previous or present classification of the solicitor as a solicitor, peddler, hawker, itinerant merchant or similar designation. Chaper 6.09.030 (20)


Does my event require a Special Events Permit?

  • An event of any size on city property. This would include: parks, parking lots, streets and sidewalks.
  • An event with over 300 in attendance on private property.
If your event falls into either of these categories, you may need a Special Events Permit.
Read through the Special Events Permit Application Policies and Instructions to find out more.

If your event will be held in a park, please read through the Special Park Use Guidelines before filling out your application.

If your event will require a level of Public Safety Support (police/fire), please check the Calendar of Approved Events to see if an event has been approved for the day you are requesting. Only one event will be approved per day that requires Public Safety Support.

Note: There is no guarantee that your event will be approved. It is important you are aware that any fees paid at the time of application will not be refunded due to the cost associated with the necessary approval process.